My name is Django Greenblatt-Seay. My parents named me after a Belgian jazz guitarist.

I got my start as the sports editor of a weekly newspaper, then writing stories for a TV news website before becoming a magazine editor and later video producer at Omaha Public Power District. Iā€™m currently a communications manager at Union Pacific Railroad.

I have had work featured in Fstoppers, PetaPixel, SLR Lounge, Gizmodo, Fast Company, ABC News, Road and Track, Popular Mechanics, etc.

I have spent a significant portion of my adult life creating more than 130 live, one-take music videos through a project called Love Drunk.

My hobbies include night sky photography, building out a camper van, motorcycle trail riding, basketball, old-man softball and surfing Zillow with my wife, Jailyn.

I am periodically available for freelance work. If you would like to collaborate on a project, please email me. info@yayyoudidit.com